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A Podcast for Every True Crime Enthusiast

When a duo of sisters meet to discuss everything from disappearances to murder to cults, you know you're in for a good crime. Tune in every Monday for your weekly spill of the redrum.



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Melody Mascarenhas

Producer, Co-Host & Sister

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Mignonne Mascarenhas

Producer, Co-Host & Sister

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We don't have much in common but if there's one thing we both share a passion for its true crime. And so, a true crime podcast was born.

A sales manager & creative copywriter by day (guess who's who), we decided to create this podcast on Melody's couch. And now, it's where we record our episodes. We aim to deliver cases & stories from all over the world the best way we can so we can create a community of people who like what we like. 

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